Mandeera Baghar


Full Bleed

The project was an attempt to decode tconversations between water and women at different places and then understand their relationships. The project was about a girl aafya who is suffering from health issues during her periods and how a water infrastructure tries to deal with the idea of the cultural taboo revolving around periods and a space which celebrates periods.The project revolved aorund a girl aafya and her dreams and aspirations for a space where she cna celebrate periods and  her health is not affect by the presence of it ,a place where she is not isolated .

Report Content

Aafya ( Before and After )

Water calendar 02

Water calendar 01

Water calendar 03(mapping the events in the campus related to water consumption )

Final Plan (Interpreting Aafy's dream into a physical form )

Aafya's dreams

Monochrome map