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YATRA : The Journey to Connect

Collecting the description of the landscapes that were given about Narmada in the history and the myths, to understand the essence and experience of the Parikrama, a centuries-old tradition that is continued till date, the idea of recreating the Parikrama following the journey of the Narmada water, instead of only a location is thought, The Yatra. This new journey is about the water that flows through the Narmada Canal the value that it is given Why does the value given to Water depend on the location that is fixed whereas water as an element flows? This new journey is the connection of the person to nature and the character that water creates in different locations following the flow of the Narmada water Through this journey, there would be different pause points that would connect the people to the landscapes either making them realize the importance of the ancient systems, connection with nature and beauty of the natural forces.

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The Legend of Rewa The Narmada River is the only river in India, where people do the Parikrama, in a way to express their respect to the river. Parikrama literally translates to ‘going around’. Parikrama here is basically the circumambulation of the river that takes around 3 years, 3 months and 13 days to complete. This is more like a spiritual journey that connects the person with natural elements like earth and water that is done for self- realization and keeps that person closer to the natu

Key Pause Points 1. Modhera 2. Kadi 3. Kalol 4. Adalaj 5. Gandhinagar 6. Ahmedabad 7. Kapadvanj 8. Timba 9. Bakrol 10. Ajwa 11. Chapaner 12. Bodeli 13. Dhokaliya 14. Tandalja 15. Khodiya 16. Sardar Sarovar Ancient Water Structures a. Suryakund, Modhera b. Shakti Temple, Akhaj c. Rani Rudabai Ni Vav, Adalaj d. Sarkhej Roza, Ahmedabad e. Dada Harir Ni Vav, Ahmedabad f. Mata Bhavani Ni Vav, Ahmedabad g. Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad h. Kapadvanj, Kheda i. Octagonal Tank, Ch

Champaner- Pavagadh They say old is gold. The city survived on the ancient water system. Presently the systems are not in use and the city faces water scarcity.

Adalaj Ni Vav This vav celebrates Jain, Hindu and Islamic Architecture and Vavs were a space that celebrated water and also were great social spaces

Suryakund, Modhera Celebrating the Natural forces - Water and Fire

Marble Hills, Jabalpur The Stone formations form a canyon like landscape near Jabalpur

When the River meets the Sea At last, they meet after a long journey filled with ups and downs