Revati Desai


Urban Oasis

Through mapping different aspects of water on various scales of a region, the speculation proposed aims to understand the currently existing natural elements in the city and to weave them to make a fabric that is not disconnected from our daily lives. Through industrialisation, we have lost most of our vegetation and used up a mammoth amount of water, which shows our insensitivity towards a harmonious living along with all other beings and habitats. Our paths have become limited to footpahs and streets limited to roads that are used by automobiles. Changing lifestyles by getting a 24*7 water supply at home has made us lose our connection the spaces right outside our houses, like lakes, and the cultural, domestic, and political importance of it has slowly started to fade away. As the new lake so developed, have created gates around them which limit one’s accesibility to it, physically as well as visually.   

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Natural drains of Ahmedabad

domestic water supply

2018 condition