Khushali Haji


The Politics and Poetics of Water

Understanding the politics and poetics of water at three scales - campus scale (CEPT University), city scale (Ahmedabad) and Regional Scale (Sabarmati, Mahi and Narmada Basin) that eventually leads to a final speculation of Ahmedabad in 2061.  

Report Content

Campus Scale: The Waters of Forgetfullness (Animation Video)

Campus Scale: Speculation

City Scale: Socio-Political History of Water and the City

City Scale: Model of Water and the City through 1000 CE to 2018 CE

Regional Scale: Water, Power and Politics

Speculation: Ahmedabad2061

Speculation: Kachri (Ahmedabad2061)

Speculation: Ahmedabad in 2061

Speculation: Sardar Sarovar 2061