Faculty: Soumitro Ghosh | Nisha mathew Ghosh

TA: Nilosha Dave

Through Words

Words are windows with open endings, personal associations and ideational strategies are embedded within its universe. The studio intended to work with an individual choice of word/s from English/regional language of choice (that carry social and cultural connections, connotations and imaginations). From these generative words as stimulants, individual memories and aspirations (and in current times of electronic media even borrowed perspectives) were invoked as entry points for forming projects. The invocation of language inherently connects to society, communication, projection and expression . It is also inherently subjective for its relation to the individual process it goes through and the point to which it is taken.

The studio exercise began with a word and the design formed an architectural language of the narrative, opening a world for its reading. The self-chosen word, evolution of the architectural brief, determination of the process of design development and the discussion of an architectural language were the challenges at different stages.

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student project inspired sketches soumitro ghosh