Iterative Design : SBI Bank, Ahmedabad

 The Existing SBI retail Bank has seven different department with different function, this increases the intersection between the customers. The main Scopes are Planning and organization, furniture in response to social distancing and incorporating double heighted volume with columns into our design. The Design Drivers is to reduce intersection and proximity. Further the development of design is done through three experiments like Zoning, Network and Acoustic Column clouds respectively.  Each Experiments are scripted in a iterative way in Grasshopper and then ran in Evolutionary computational design tool called wallecei to get a fittest individual.Design process : Presentation link

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Report Content

Site Study

Scope of Design & Design Drivers

Experiment 1 : Criteria

Experiment 1 : Psedocode

Experiment 1 : Graph Analysis

Experiment 1 : Shortlisted iteration Analysis

Experiment 2 &3 - Scope and criteria

Experiment 2 & 3 - Psedocode

Selected Iteration analysis

Further scope and views

Project Video