Faculty: Ahmed Abbas Momin | Kuber Patel

TA: Drishti Korat

Digital Processes and Techniques in design

Many environments are complex because of nonlinear and conflicting relations that are interrelated in nonlinear ways. It becomes important in design to perceive the relations for shaping the environment of desired output. Achieving the desired solutions are large amount of possible solutions due to combinatorial explosion of parameters and conflicting objectives , for example privacy and openness. This also required computational intelligence methodologies, evolutionary computations in particular.

This course provided basic knowledge in computational design; an informed design methodology using generative processes through advanced analytical tools and algorithmic techniques. This was a design research studio that questioned the digital representation medium as a design thinking environment. It included a workshop on abstraction and different techniques in developing the system which can be applied in varied conditions by introducing an algorithmic way of design process dealing with the complex nature of conflicting criteria. Evaluation of design was done by its performance-based assessment of design criteria.

Airport - Isometric view, Interior View & Pseudo Code

Theatre - Adjacency diagram

Form finding

Iterations - classroom

Library design