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Moharir Akshata Anil


Renewal of Concert Hall (Sydney Opera House)

Major Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House is among one of the oldest opera theatres. The interior resembles a typical horse-shoe shaped opera setting. The existing volume houses a total of 2679 seats. Covid-19 - a global pandemic has changed the entertainment industry. Theatres are one of those public places getting badly affected by the pandemic. Considering the Covid-19 norms, the interiors of major concert hall has to be reworked. The issues in the existing theatre setting has to be identified, modified and iterated using evolutionary computational methods. 

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Report Content

Site study and Analysis

Pseudocode - Exp. 1

Evolutionary Computation method

Iterations and fittest solution for Exp. 1

Comparison details of the existing and proposed layout

Site study- acoustics- Exp.3

Criteria & form renewal of the reflectors

Pseudocode - Exp. 3

Iterations for set of reflectors and fittest solution

Raytracing and further development