Faculty: Sadasivan Iyer

TA: Shagun Malavia

Expeditions In Metal

The built spaces (domestic or work) of today pose challenges to meet the needs of specific products to be designed. The products will meet the demands of lifestyle and technology changes. The studio introduced design processes to find solutions in different domains of work and home. The modules in the studio enhanced the learning of materials, manufacturing and human factors. The design process was introduced and practiced as students applied learned fundamental principles to multiple three-dimensional forms, structures, and products. Students were introduced to various model making methods, and addressed the historical context of their design, practiced critical thinking, research, problem solving, and aesthetic refinement. Projects required sketches, models, written reports and verbal presentations of design concepts.

Students developed their individual creative process through the exploration and manipulation of materials and methods to express a visual response to a theme or content. Demonstrations and hands-on projects exposed students to a variety of materials and methods as means to stimulate curiosity, exploration, invention and solution finding and developing an aesthetic eye and personal vision.

Introduction to Expeditions in Metal with our journey description and objectives.

Initial material research and form explorations with building products in different space contexts.

Ideation and conceptualizing with Design, material & manufacturing constraints as per context. Additionally, Story creation for their concepts along with PDS ( Product Design Specification ). Further exploring their designs through models.

The exposure of communicating through Technical drawings and specifications along with contextual renders. One of the experiences also talks about optimizing material usage in Design.

Exploring living spaces with various Building products. Further adding Indian crafts in Metal products. Finally, modelling / prototyping of their concepts as per PDS & use.