Faculty: Jay Thakkar

TA: Kamna Vyas

Fictional Spaces

‘Imagination’ and ‘stories’ fuel our thoughts and experiences shape our lives. In this studio, the facet of Imagination came from exploring and drawing the surreal world of re-defined self-identity, understanding graphic and art styles and decoding futuristic tales. Further, the fictional world of stories came from understanding and analyzing films of various genres, especially animation or anime - a Pandora’s box of inspiration. Both these facets juxtaposed with an actual context brought the mise-en-scène to a real yet representational experience. Through exposure to varied creative fields like theatre, films, production design, animation, graphic design and set design through discussion and online session with experts from across the globe, and decoding of various genre of films, the students were exposed to the world of scenic design. The core idea of this studio was to create a fictional world in the realm of animation for which the narrative and the notions of the popular Hindi cinema villain became the base to develop various imaginary spaces. The representation was done through the lens of the selected animation film to create an imaginary world through narrative style drawings and scenes. The output resulted in elaborate storyboards, illustrations and conceptual art.

Fictional Spaces by Jay Thakkar and Kamna Vyas (TA)

Multidisciplinary Approach of the Studio

List of Exercises


List of Villains and Villainess