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Aditya Singh


Urban Solid Waste Management (Slum Vulnerability)

The main theme of the studio is Geo-Visualization under the framework of Resilient cities. The Study aims for highlighting the spatial relationship between the most vulnerable group of the urban area & open dumps. The urban slums have characteristic of high population density & the low level of infrastructure, which makes them the most vulnerable group. The Study also deduces the most vulnerable ward of the central zone by using appropriate Geo-Visualization tools and Crude Ranking method. Lastly, it points out the pillars of Resilience Framework which will be affected if by open dumping, taking Solid waste Management towards resilience.

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Report Content

Aim & Methodology

Spatial Distribution of Slums

Population Distribution & Slum Density of Ahmedabad

Study Area

Open Dump and Slum Correlation

Open Dump & Road Width Correlation

Dustbin Location & Open Dumps

Other Contributors of Open Dump

Ranking for Vulnerability

Moving Towards Resilience