Faculty: Anjana Vyas | Shaily Gandhi

TA: Neha Sharma

Geographic Information Science-Foundation Studio

This course shall introduce students to fundamental theories of GI Science and practices of a Geographic Information System, using case study based methodology.
The studio is on ‘Resilient City’. Cities are considered as a living laboratories, hubs for innovations and opportunities. With ever increasing population, demand for infrastructure, housing, living environment too increases. Proper planning and management can handle these complexities. Cities do experience disasters of various nature with different intensities. A challenge has emerged for the city managers to build capacity of cities to function, so that the people living and working in cities, survive and thrive in any given condition of the stresses or shocks the citizen encounter. We shall select the cities for studying respective characteristics, level of vulnerability, coping mechanism towards any disasters, identify the need of city resilience, while understanding the city in this perspective an enquiry will be made in regard to how

Introduction to Studio on Geo-Visualization, Theme - Resilient City

Theme - Urban Mobility

Theme - Urban Solid Waste Management

Theme - Urban Flood Management

Summary & Conclusion