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Sneha Gireesh


Architectural Conservation:Ahmedabad General Post Office

The site given was Ahmedabad General Post Office. Through the initial stage of documentation, condition mapping & assessment, significance & value assessment, it was understood that the structure was in good condition but was slowly losing its purpose. Moving forward, a detailed study on the spatial use of the structure on the basis of historic interpretation and current usage led to developing a holistic design proposal i.e reorganisation and introduction of a philatelic bureau along with basic structural interventions for its maintenance. This studio helped in working towards integrated solutions for conserving historic structures.

Report Content

Archival data and documentation

Documentation and condition mapping & assessment

Significance assessment and literature study

Literature study and case study

Architectural analysis and conservation approach

Structural consolidation and interventions

Structural interventions and user analsysis

Design development | Zoning

Design proposal

Conservation management plan