Faculty: Mrudula Mane | Ashna Patel

Architectural Conservation

Historic buildings, structures, and architectural remains are important and irreplaceable material evidence of the past, deserving all suitable efforts for their preservation. The Architectural Conservation studio aimed to impart an understanding of various technical, design and management aspects of built heritage conservation. The studio engaged with real sites and focused on documentation and design methods allowing students to comprehend the complex issues in historic building conservation and take well-considered approach. The studio exercises were based on a thorough engagement with chosen historic building/structure through historical research, architectural documentation, condition mapping, assessment of structural issues and comprehensive analysis followed by an exploration of possible conservation approaches, critical evaluation and decision-making for proposed repair solutions and design interventions. The process enabled the students to demonstrate an understanding of the historic context and its significance through sensitive and creative interventions in terms of architectural design and technical detailing and formulate a holistic conservation proposal for the given building/site integrating design requirements, structural repairs and interventions with an overall execution plan and conservation management strategy to ensure the long-term protection and continuity of the site.