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Sarjan Dalal


Architectural Conservation - Pol house, Ahmedabad, India

The proposal is the best model of conservation for the world heritage site of Ahmedabad. The site is located near the historic Bhabah Parshvanath Jain Derasar at Doshiwada ni pol, Zaveri Wad, Ahmedabad. It is located in the dense fabric of a walled city. The pol houses Jain community along with a Derasar. The house was owned by Mr. Vimalbhai Trikamdas Soni which was then bought by Jinagya Awas Trust two years ago. Presently the building is not in use because of its current conditions and its danger to collapse. The proposal incorporate the owner’s needs as well as community benefits to meet the present-day conditions. To Provide a new dimension of our heritage and to preserve a past for the present and future. And to set an example in world heritage site through providing upgraded quality of lifestyle and incorporate new facilities for services and today’s needs but at the same time, it provides essence, expression and ascetic sense of our heritage and traditional pol houses. This model is an amalgamation of the traditional construction system, materials and modernist approach and ideas for the construction to meet today’s needs and for economical benefits. Economical benefit and a sustainable approach are the key aspects of the project. The design approach for this project is to prosper the historic city core and community through sustainable and cost-effective ideas. The Unique Selling Point(USP) of this project is to use the concept of sustainability, recycle and reuse. This is a pilot project for a similar type of houses located in the core city of Ahmedabad to change the mindset of people towards an attitude of conservation and inculcate in our new generations towards heritage.

Report Content

| Introduction and Material Understanding of The Site |

| Documentation Drawings and Study Models |

| Condition Mapping of a Historical Site |

| Condition Assessment, Value Identification and Statement of Significance |

| Project Brief, Material Palate and Design Derivations |

| Design Development Process |

| Proposed Design |

| Proposed Design |

| Visualization of Proposed Design and Conservation Management Plan |