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Mirajkar Tejaswini Chandan


Architectural Conservation - House in Khadki

It is one of the few remaining ‘khadki’ typology in a predominantly Jain community. It is representative of the prevalent architectural style giving it historic as well as architectural value. The building is a good example of its architectural significance. The building can be studied to understand construction technique used in the past which is a meager technical and evidential value. It is set amidst Jain derasars which brings in the need for Jain monasteries (upashraya). The ‘upashraya’ is a part of the khadki. The khadki has a central open court with only pedestrian access which which helps maintain its purely residential character. This was the original function of khadki’s in the past. This khadki is an excellent example as it has retained the original character of the place which gives it architectural and social and to a certain limit, historical value collectively.

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