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Uravi Dilip Dholaria


Architectural Conservation-GENERAL POST OFFICE,AHMEDABAD

The site documented as a part of the semester is the General post office located on Salapose road, in the old city, Ahmedabad. The Grade II/A historic structure is an Indo-Saracenic style public building of the early 20th century. It reflects the influence of regional architectural styles & rare combination of materials like brick, stone and concrete. After mapping and assessing the conditions, issues were found in the structural, functional and visual character of the building, which was majorly caused due to the insensitive later additions. The issues are aimed to be solved with minimum intervention, repairs, & maintenance to ensure the significance is retained or enhanced. The principal aim is to consider the building elements for interventions that are from the experiential path of the user, i.e. from exterior architectural façade systems to interior double-height space including the structural components. 

Report Content

-- Site & its Neighbourhood --

-- Documentation - Plan, Section, Elevation --

-- Documentation - Details --

-- Understanding & Assessing the Significance of the structure --

-- Mapping & Assessing the conditions --

-- Structural Conservation --

-- Design Intervention - Macro level --

-- Assessing Windows - Repairs --

-- Design Intervention - Windows & Awnings --

-- Spatial Strategy & Structural Rehabilitation --