Faculty: Pranav Raiji

Of Immediate & Afar X

The investigation of the clues in the context of the project as the ‘starter’ for the design process to help address the question of appropriateness of spatial configuration and relevance of form expression posed by the pluralistic values of the current times was the intent of the unit. The starters were defined as, 'immediate' and 'afar'. The immediate were the natural and human-made elements of the place, and the themes and functions indicated in the program. The afar were the psychological aspects such as aspirations and associations of the people related to the project or the site. A quick relationship was formed with the starters to inquire through design as reciprocation using abstract models depicting multiple built form ideas, which were later synthesized and transformed into a holistic design.

A venture based on the ‘Farm to Table’ movement, where the produce is grown, shared and celebrated through functions such as farm, shop, café, event yard and lodging was proposed as the project on a parcel of land next to the fort wall of the old city of Ahmedabad along the Ellis Bridge on the river Sabarmati at the cul-de-sac in a quiet residential cluster abuzz with the Tuesday market.