Faculty: Jinal Shah

Deployable Systems – Form, Space and Function

The studio explored the potential of deployable systems of Origami and scissor mechanism to design, user defined multi- functional space/product, which facilitated and enhanced the existing activity or user experience, within the given context.

The students engaged in understanding, analyzing, mapping, exploring the interdependent relation between form, space and function.

The studio was divided in three parts. The first part explored the concept of multi- functional spaces by understanding and analyzing the needs, aspiration, movement patterns of existing and potential user within a specific site.

The second part explored the deployable systems of Origami and Scissor Mechanism.

The third part engaged the students in the process of design development. The students explored the application of the deployable system to design a structure/ product, which responded to the spatial needs of the user. It also aimed at understanding the working details for deployable structure.

The final outcome of the semester was an in-depth presentation of the working of the deployable system designed for a user centric multi-functional space/product