Faculty: Sadasivan Iyer | Rudrapalsinh Solanki

System Development Methodology/ Migration

The prototype making process begins by defining the engineering/ manufacturing challenge, performance requirements, brainstorming potential solutions, and evaluating several alternatives. An engineering/ manufacturing team synthesizes this information to begin the product manufacturing process to help engineering/manufacturing teams to assess the "build ability" of the design concept, to create prototypes.

Building a prototype, determines if the chosen design solution is feasible and which aspects of the design needs special materials or further refinement.

The identification of the set of manufacturing processes are a critical part of prototyping the product design.

Identifying and specifying the appropriate manufacturing processes as per the manufacturing standards (PRIMA)- ¬Production Information Mapping and developing the (PDS)¬ Product Design Specification for the designed components and assembly are the keys steps to manufacture the building product.

The use of representational software and other digital tools extensively to create the products is important to determine the product design strategy.

The fabrication of prototype determined the reflection of the intended success of the design solution.