Dipen H Prajapati


Designing Space In Reinforced Concrete

We learn that as a Technology student, on field how to fulfill Structural aspect from Architectural point of view. In this studio my aim at developing a holistic understanding of various building systems, right from its spatial conceptualization. For this studio, we, myself and Jugal Shah have worked as partners and the structural system that we have chosen is Ribbed Slab.

Report Content

I have done the case study on Meditation center, also read some reports, papers and design codes.

The conceptual diagrams helps to understand the development of building from the basic idea to fully functioned structure.

Circulation diagram helps the pathway of Public and staff where Red one is for Staff and Blue one is for Public, The zoning diagram is there to understand the space/volume utilized by & arrangement of volumns.

Here is the ground floor plan. It designed with a mind set of getting good natural light and air-circulation.

Here is one of the section C-C' cut from the 2nd floor with a facing towards the courtyard.

Wall sections are done to get idea of column layout as well as to know structural behavior.

Perspective Views helps to visualize the structure as well as building design.

Load cases applied on Beams(primary member) and Ribs(Secondary member).

Load cases on lift-shaft.

Click on the link below the image to see photos of building in a series from early morning to mid night. also walk-through below.