Faculty: Kruti d Shah | Rachit Sheth

Designing spaces in Reinforced Concrete

Building construction is not only about erecting a concrete mass in a space but is also about developing a space by effective utilization of its structural system and innovating within it. In today’s times, where every RCC building is different in terms of its shape, form and structural system, an engineer is required to not only analyze and design the building with respect to its structure but also understand the processes that leads to its architectural form due to structural implications. One needs to cultivate the conceptual understanding of its architectural design and coherently develop the structural system.

The studio invited students to develop a holistic understanding of various building systems, right from its spatial conceptualization, design development to its detailed structural design. To aid this process students made prototype models of the chosen structural system, conducted case studies followed by creating a set of architectural drawings and 3D models of their proposed design. Further, the students utilized STAAD for the analysis of the design, after which they created structural drawings.