Faculty: Arijit Chatterjee | Asha Sumra

TA: Aksh Chauhan

Living Museum: Salvaging Le Corbusier’s Floating Refuge

In February 2018 La péniche Louise-Catherine sank under the River Seine after a period of intense rain. This seemingly anonymous 70m long ferrocement barge is a lesser known work of Le Corbusier. In 2008 Louise Catherine was designated a historic monument by the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles. Patrons of Le Corbusier in Ahmedabad are devastated by the deterioration of the vessel and are planning a Festival marking the 100th anniversary of the Louise Catherine, in Ahmedabad in 2029. This will include building a full scale replica vessel to be moored on the Sabarmati River in front of the Mill Owners’ Building.

This Studio will design a living museum for the barge is under construction and the barge as a completed urban artifact. Proposals will house the construction of the barge and supporting festival facilities on the river edge. The rive intervention will be imagined as a series of props that sit within or atop a floating dry dock on the Sabarmati: both a temporary boatyard and living museum. This will enable the remaking of the vessel to be a spectacle for participants, curious observers and the city. Between the barge and the Mill Owners’ building, we will design a series of connecting facilities to celebrate the legacy of Le Corbusier in Ahmedabad.

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Studio Unit

Readings, Refrences and Making

Spatial exploration of floating infrastructure, Understanding of repurposing and reuse

Relating to nautical designs and futuristic urban projections

Mediating facts and frictions of possible future urban narratives

Defining the site conditions- Between two mordern artefacts in concrete, Louis Catherine and ATMA Building. Site model in plywood and concrete