Faculty: Vishwanath Kashikar

TA: Ajay Chovatia

Verticity: The Future is Here

It is 2025. ‘The Pandemic’ is forcing a big rethink. The first tentative steps of restructuring society and reimagining relationship with other living entities is breaking ground. Sustainability advocates have already been demanding a change in the way we live. Architecture is not immune to this churning. The separation of home and workspace- a gift of industrialization, is finally being seriously questioned. You have been invited by a group of like minded individuals to design a commune/habitat that will act as a beacon for the future of urban environment. Due to the experimental and uncertain nature of the project, two iterations of the project are planned based on your interpretation of nature and society.
The studio will commence with a set of videos/readings on predictions for the future of humans on earth. Simultaneously we will discuss the history of program based building types. The main design exercise will equip you to respond to changing context conditions using an iterative design method. Two iterations are proposed, followed by a recombining of the two to create the final proposal.

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Studio Unit

there were 2 parts to the studio. At the end of part 1 students designed an imaginary context in the future, and in the second part students designed a habitat for the same.

As part of questioning building types students made imaginative collages of building types to open up possibilities of future society

In the next stage, students imagined a future context and articulated it in social, environmental, and technological terms

The studio followed an iterative design process. Each iteration resulted in a complete project

The second iteration explored a different interpretation of the context. the third iteration is presented as individual student projects below