Faculty: Kaulav Bhagat | Nehal Bhatt

TA: Prachi Patel | Tanushree Solanki


This studio focused on the fundamental aspects of furniture design and making. Furniture can be manifested through its structure, geometry, materials, technique of making and form. Structural principles are very important to understand for making of the furniture which will give stability and final form. Structure can be developed by utilizing the inherent properties of geometry and materials. Natural and manmade Architecture and furniture design share affinity with the ground plane. All buildings and furniture pieces guide the forces and loads that reside in or rest on them, downward into the earth. Architecture is furniture at macro scale and furniture as architecture at micro scale.

For the purpose of this studio, initially a brief study of the natural habitats and material optimization exercise was conducted and further on architecture or built structure was taken as reference for the study. Here architecture was observed purely as structure and not for its other context. Work of famous architects was the primary source of the study who experimented with structure and its principles. The study happened through extensive use of drawings, sketches and analytical diagrams. This process helped to synthesize principles of structure, geometry, making, details and form. The knowledge of these principles was translated to design a piece of furniture.

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Student work