Faculty: Shweta Jain | Shikha Parmar

Travellers Home

In this studio one shall learn to plan & organise spaces for the modern travellers primarily addressing their needs, experiences. This studio attempts to make a hospitality power house that will change the way we think about accommodation while travelling.
Through sequential learning’s, observations and design sensibility one can create a new spin to spaces where guests will be welcomed to a comfortable relief home during their pause from a travel.
Sprawling through a city and recreating its attribute (like culture, history, physical element, water, chaos..) through design is one of the major focus. Identifying the differences between a permanent and a temporal abode will generate a relevant program for a traveller, which will just not only offer comfort but will also allow the travellers to sink into the city sooner, lending memorable experiences to take away from the abode. From arranging, choosing materials - textures, details, designing furniture language, all would be a part of the studio. The core of the studio would be an integrated design resolution where a traveller resides, bringing spatial unity through common derived language from context and program.