Faculty: Ravi Kashyap | Hiten Chavda

TA: Faraaz Ahmad

Climate Responsive Architecture

Studio demands a resolution of the building keeping in view a strong climate response. The primary issue to be dealt with here; is achieving comfort zone in the extreme site and climatic context. So essentially, the design problem is of an Institute that exhibits an Environment responsive architecture/ Sustainable development goals.

The studio works through an understanding of passive architectural features and material studies. Vernacular architecture of the surrounding is studied to gain insight of local material and climate. This is further strengthened through climate analysis and thermal simulation software, to resolve efficient spaces and building envelopes.

The Design problem given is of an Institution building with Academic wing, Administrative wing & a Residential wing. Site given would be in 3 different climatic zones; namely Cold & Humid, Hot & Dry and Hot & Humid.

Material selection and Form level ideas will be validated through climate analysis and thermal simulation software, so as to resolve efficient thermal and light conditions in buildings within their envelopes.