Prachi Patel


The Oasis

The design focuses on a climate-responsive residence with an attached studio and homestay. The primary issue to be dealt with here is achieving a comfort zone in the contoured site located in the cold and dry climate of Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh. Working against the cold winds and chill factor, passive methods of heating the building were used. Here the design revolves around maximizing solar heat gain, higher thermal mass to store the heat while building being earth coupled with a front facade incorporating sunspaces. The building creates an oasis by using all the natural resources available i.e. sun, wind, and snow.

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Retrofit of my house: Jamnagar - Spiti

Case Study: SECMOL - Zollverein school

Material Study: Plaster

Concept and Strategies

Final Design Problem: Site Plan and Ground Floor Plan

Final Design Problem: Wall Section and Floor Plans

Final Design Problem: Sections

Final Design Problem: Renders