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Dhingra Devanshi Virendra


Studio Green Ecstasy for Sancheti Hospital Project

Studio Green Ecstasy is a firm which believes in “Happiness amidst Nature” aiming at experience and sustainability as criteria for every project. Our firm has proposed two alternatives for the Sancheti Hospital Extension Project with an extensive material palette used for ceiling, flooring and the other elements. Their specifications have been attached in the manual.
The cost for the project is 14.68 crores including the fees and reserves. The estimate summary and back-up, derived with the help of Bluebeam software, can be referred from the manual. Our firm is looking forward to collaborating with Sancheti Hospital and is happy to give our full effort to execute this project.
Click here for the Project Manual. 

Report Content

Company Philosophy and Architect's Profile

Company Organization Chart

Tensile Roof Structure proposed for Terrace

Perforated Metal Structure for South and West Facade

General and Ceiling Specifications

Flooring Annotation plan and Specifications for Vinyl and Rubber Flooring

Project Estimation

Estimate Back-up for Concrete and Masonry

Plan and Sections quantified with help of Bluebeam

Site Logistics - Construction Phase