Faculty: Akul Modi

TA: Samruddhi Panchal

Construction Estimation

Construction estimation is the process of calculating the overall expense of the project. Projects that start with accurate cost estimates have a much better chance of being successful. However, there are times when construction cost goes over budget – Why cost overruns arises? How to do truthful cost estimate? Who should estimate the project cost? It is a collaborative effort which should be implemented between architects, contractors, engineers, and clients.

This course concentrates on the fundamental principles, and organizational procedures involved during the designing, planning and scheduling stages of pre-construction process. Moreover, course has been specifically designed for architects who will eventually work with contractors and clients for their design budgeting purpose. Course specifically focuses on reviewing construction drawings, design specifications, basic estimating principles, pre-profit and post-profit calculations, design-build project budgeting and processes applied to various scales of construction projects. Construction site procedures and site logistics as well as techniques for evaluating quantities and costs of materials, labor, and equipment with various computer software will be introduced.