Raj Dharmeshbhai Kansara


Abstract Shapes

The question of making has remained central to the question of using labour as a way to express the creative component of a society. It is necessary to practise it, as it uses the physical body in various ways to produce artefacts of exceptional quality to fulfil the demand and imagination of the very society it serves. The design schools remain at the forefront of such endeavour; to probe, transfer and sustain this very need. The current day society needs a more sustained way to ensure that sufficient incubation of the design students happens as a transition from university to society. Similarly; it also intends to ensure that high-quality artisanal abilities are available to ensure quality finished products. In order to ensure this intention; CEPT University has taken up an initiative (CEPT-Stock) to set up a workshop that allows the interaction of students and artisans to train young artisans to produce high-quality work in collaboration with designers.

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