Faculty: Sankalpa

TA: Neel Jain

Detailing and Communicating Architecture

This studio investigates the relationship between structure and material as a primary basis in the making of architecture. It shall prepare students to develop design ability in which the search for systems of space becomes intrinsic to the search for systems of structure.
The studio assumes that structure is abstract and diagrammatic and therefore it constitutes immense possibility for diverse and numerous forms. In this light, material is merely temporal and one material can be replaced by other in the same structural system. The realization of form that is perceptible is eventually realized through the organization of material in space. This organization of material in space creates two sets of spaces; one that is around the organized material and the other that the material itself occupies. This semester student shall predominantly deal and detail out the latter as an outcome of principles of form deriving.
The students shall be able to produce models and prototypes highlighting structural and constructional aspects of their design as well as produce a set of technical drawing for execution.

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Studio Unit

Emphasis on Reading and Interpreting Operable Devices

Expression of details as a response to structural force and material

Emphasis of system as an outcome of affordance and synthesis of detail

Representation and communication of the expressive dimension of detail as a partner to space

Expression of space as an interaction of its physical elements