Aditi Bhavin Shah



The process of the studio involves the development of whole by detailing out a unit and then articulate it further using materials like bamboo, steel and timber to build an architectural language. Each step of the studio included engagement with the forces acting on a particular object using physical model and resolving it further to achieve structural stability. Elements like openings, staircase and spanning were developed as unit and were later accommodated in the design project to achieve a building as a whole. 
The final project was to design a workshop for artisans and students in front of CEPT University(site), wherein the building was seen as a whole. The intent was to create a space which binds all the functions together to achieve coherence between all the elements forming it.

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Report Content

Modifying Details- model and assembly drawings

Modelling Opening- assembly drawings

Staircase and Spanning process

Development of spanning system and final models (1:5 & 1:10 scale)

Spanning system- assembly drawings

Spanning system- technical drawings

Plans showing organisational relationship

Sectional perspective showing treatment of N-S facade

Part Elevation- South

Wall Section

Project Video