Baidehi Rej


Parallels of Materiality

The studio involved an unconventional approach to designing : where the singular design elements were first detailed out and then were incorporated into the final project. Through the exploration of different materials : Bamboo, Steel, Timber and Rammed Earth, separate systems were developed. Studying their structural behaviour through various process models, experiments and numerous failures, these systems were further modified and improved upon. Finally they all culminated together to form an overall architectural language for the project. 

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Report Content

Modifying Details : Making of a Louvered Pergola

Modelling Opening : Bamboo Bi-fold Door

Modelling Cantilever : Hanging Timber Staircase

Modelling Spanning : Exploration through Models

Modelling Spanning

CEPT Stock : An Artisan's Workshop

Site Sections and Elevation

Wall Section

Details from Wall Section

Exploded Sectional Isometric

Project Video