Snehil Tripathi



The studio demanded one to engross oneself into real materials and development of structural systems that share a similar structural as well as visual language. One can start from a piece of paper and gain a bodily understanding of forces to develop a live scale structure. Through such a process, one can create structure that contributes to space, and vice-versa.

The project is an attempt to synthesize all the diverse architectural systems and manifest them into an architectural domain. The workshop attempts to provide each of these systems a unique space wherein users can experience the systems in a certain rhythm. The material chosen for the construction of the building is rammed earth. While rammed earth is used for load-bearing at the bottom with a timber frame system on the floor above to lighten the building both visually and literally at the top.

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Report Content

Modifying Details - Latch

Modelling Openings

Modelling Cantilevers

Modelling Spans - Condition A

Modelling Spans - Condition B


Front Elevation (Part) and Wall Section


Short Sectional Perspective

Long Sectional Perspective

Project Video