Mehta Naomi Nishit


The Ark

The studio process involves bodily engagement with structural systems through a series of models at various scales. These systems are detailed out using Bamboo,timber,steel and rammed earth and manifest themselves into an artisan's workshop where they are articulated further to build an architectural language. The proposal explores the concept of continuous spaces and volumes within a larger built form. The idea of creating multiple mezzanine levels that overlook one another and the larger space at all times, stimulates interaction and learning between various artisans and students working in the workshop. Different volumes allow one to experience the spanning system from different levels. The concept is developed in coherence with the explored spanning system and other details.

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Report Content

Modifying a given latch detail- Engaging with materials and making

Detailing a door- Approaching panel detailing using structural forces as a driver

Detailing a staircase- Approaching staircase detailing treating it as a cantilever

Modelling experiments to develop and detail spanning systems

Detailing spanning systems through Scale 1:10 and 1:5 models

Detailing a spanning system for a slab condition

Detailing a spanning system for a roof condition

CEPT Stock- Drawings for an artisans workshop using rammed earth, bamboo, timber and steel systems

Wall section and details

Perspective section through the workshop spaces showing large continuous volumes and overlooking spaces for interaction

Project Video