Aashvi Vipulkumar Trivedi


The Cascade

The sequence of the exercises in the studio was such that it focused on bringing together various elements in a program wherein each element - predesigned and prestructured - comes together to bind the project together in terms of materials and expression. Each exercised emphasised on understanding the forces acting on the object through physical models and then applying stabilising structures to counter those forces. In depth understanding was laid on materials and how they come together. The design process started from detailing individual elements like the door, staircase and a spanning system. Each element carried forward something from the previous exercise and involved a vigorous process of trial and error via model making and then further detailing it out by expressions of materials like bamboo, timber and steel and their joinery. The final design project consisted of a workshop building right across CEPT North gate, wherein all these individual elements come together to create a language of the building. 

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Report Content

Modifying Details - Model and Kit of Parts

Modifying Details - Assembly

Modifying Openings - Assembly and Details

Modifying Cantilever - Process and Details

Development of Spanning System - Spaced Condition

Development of Spanning System - Unspaced Condition

Development of Spanning System - Detailing in Unspaced Condition

Architectural Project - Organisation in Plan

Architectural Project - Elevation and Sections

Architectural Project - Wall Section and Details