Faculty: Mitesh Panchal | Anagha Joshi

TA: Harsh Chauhan

Learning Spaces: Beyond Schooling

In the course of time, the views on Educational Systems have been changing constantly, and have always been open for intense debates. On an abstract level, these debates deal with views on a desirable society, desirable ways of living, and on a more practical level - with specific learning methods and training of future teachers. An important aspect, which often is overlooked, is the need to reflect on the learning environment, the spatial context in which education takes place. The Studio Unit focuses on Learning spaces which are beyond schooling. They have the potential to become the centre of the neighbourhood. They can become the places of discoveries, the spaces to meet and learn for the neighbourhood. They are more context and conscious driven than course driven. Exercises in the Studio are designed in a way that requires personal and collective choices to be made at different levels.
The Studio focuses on learning spaces which are beyond schooling “multifunctional”, that has the potential to become the centre in the neighbourhood. Learning spaces would be designed for 5 to 15 years age group. The sites would be located in urban and semi-urban areas of the immediate Locality of Individual.

Studio Unit

pedagogy, activity mapping to define the program

Study of Neighbourhood to arrive at site

Design Development to arrive at appropriate scale and proportion of built and unbuilt spaces

Construction & Climate to define the form of the built

Built context and Environment