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Bhavana Viswanathan


SECOND HOME: Learning with Nature and Neighbourhood

Located in between a busy road and a calm residential area in Bangalore, the project ‘Second Home’ aims at creating a learning space that not only belongs to the students of the school but also belongs to the public in the neighbourhood. It encourages the public to use the space and engage in various activities happening. The design allows multiple opportunities to learn amidst nature (Sensorial learning), learn from each other (Social learning), and learn through experiences (Hands-on learning). Further introduction of semi-open spaces, courtyards, and OTS increased the transparency and multi-functionality of the spaces. Link to Complete Process

Report Content

Pedagogy and Ideology

Activity Mapping and Area Statement

Neighbourhood Study

Site Study

Design Development and Case Studies

Climate Study

Final Design: Plans and Celebration Section

Final Design: Plans and Long Section

Final Design: Short Sections and Elevation

Final Design: Wall Section and Sketches