Naureen Sultana Feroz


A Monsoon Pavilion

Misty rains and a place of pause intertwined with the residential homes, forest and backwaters amidst the hot and humid climate of Kerala and the hilly terrains of my neighborhood; The idea of the water pavilion was shaped from the topography, heavy monsoon rains and traditional architecture of Kerala which helped to conceptualize the basics of the transformation of the site to a life enhancing place. Water is received, acknowledged and let go to follow its own flow. At the places of collection, the pavilion interacts with the water differently according to the different degree of privacy created by structural variation and vegetation. The sounds of water falling and flowing in monsoons is enhanced by heights created in the built environment, and wetness and smell of the wilderness: In summers, through structural ornamentation.

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Things and Places in Life

Study of most affectionate place

Study of least affectionate place

Transformation and form exploration.

Site context- Plans, section

Plan, elevation, section

Plan, sections

Plan, long section and sketches to visualize

Model of the water pavilion

Poetic vision of major seasons