Faculty: Puneet Mehrotra | Juzar Lanewala

TA: Girisha Gajjar

Making Living Places : Craftsmanship, song and imagination

Why do we feel at home in certain places and not in others?
Why do certain places and things make us feel more alive?
Places that evoke-affect-inspire. Places that nurse and nourish life.
Places emotionally charged and sensually enriching, that carry with them a sense of joy, wonder and simplicity,
Places that enhance life and feel closer to our heart.
Places attended with care and affection;
Where the everyday life takes a lyrical form with a deep personal feeling

The studio unit focuses on making ‘life enhancing’ places. As an approach, it follows a choice based pedagogy as far as possible. Exercises are designed in a way that requires personal and collective choices to be made at different levels. As tutors, we set only the premise for an exercise where some constants are given and the students follow a path or paths based on a deep personal feeling. For every exercise a clear working method is outlined. Subsequent outcomes are compared and collectively judged based on the relative degree of life an outcome evokes.

From this studio, a student will learn to
1) Describe places.
2) Differentiate between a more living place and a less living place.
3) Develop vision of a living place.
4) Create and transform places.

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