Madireddy Kaushil


Integrated Water Spaces

This study includes understanding the spaces surrounding us and paying attention to each and every subtle detail in our daily life and capturing it through senses. The project of "Water Pavilion" emerged through the understanding of the site and building the site relationship with water and make it more affectionate for the user inside the "Water Pavilion". This is basically a public space which is present just beside a small street and packed neighbourhood which allows people to gather and relax inside and feel affectionate to the water spaces present inside and enjoy the canopy through the inverted roof and also view the beautiful scenic view of water pouring down from inverted hipped roofs during rains.

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Report Content

Nesting and Weaving

Study of Most affectionate place

Study of Least affectionate place

Design development of Water Pavilion

Technical drawings

Project Description

Sectional Drawing


Transformed Site Vision