Mahek Anilbhai Makani


The water pavilion

The site has a 100 years old dam on one side full of water and the other side is totally opposite to it the place which is fully dry and dusty and very hot during summer and winter. So the intend was to design a place which can bring the water to the dry side and a place to rest for the passing by farmers of the neighbor villages and a place with a proper view of the dam for visitors of nearby towns. There is a slope down to the dam from the approach road. The approach road leads to a path which further leads to a pavilion where the farmers in their way can come and rest and it then leads to few steps and then water which is brought into the side from the dam. The other stairs would have water on its center which then leads to two pavilion with two levels. The retaining wall is used as stairs which helps to get at the second level of the pavilion. These pavilions are on the level where water gets on summer. The entire intervention will be surround by trees by the water brought in the site. So the entire pavilion will focus on two things shade and view.

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