Samridhi Chauhan


The Water Pavilion

This water pavilion was designed to enhance an already existing water boady, i.e. the canal, by providing a shaded space at the southern bank to rest and pause and to increase the interaction people had with the water by giving them access to it. The northern bank, which had a lot of vegetation growth, was converted into a park under the shade of the trees. A small pedestrian bridge was also made to connect these two banks and separate the foot traffic from the motor vehicles that took the already existing wider bridge. 

Report Content

Things and Places in Life: Nesting and Weaving

Line Drawings

Place of Most Affection

Making of a Water Pavilion: Place of Least Affection

Process: Site Analysis, wire mesh and thermocol models

Process: 1:200 scale cardboard models

Process: 1:100 scale cardboard models

Final Design: Site drawings and Vision

Final Design: Plan

Final Design: Sections