Dhruval Rajendrakumar Gadhvi


The Water Pavilion

The transformation of kathwada lake's edge mainly involved the concept of enhancing the existing components of the site like the pathways and trails made by the animals including the pause points at the latent centers. The pavilion at the edges of the lake with a very delicate connection served as a element to bridge the gap. The nature of the pathways and pavilion works according to the nature of lake's edge. The parts of main pavilion is divided on different levels and is connected with an exaggerated version of staircase.  

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Report Content

Nesting and Weaving

Picture Making and line drawing

Understanding living structure of Kathwada lake

Most Affectionate Place

Least Affectionate place

Concept and initial vision

Design development

Poetic vision with place drawing

Plan and sections of the main pavilion

Plan and sections of smaller pause point/Pavilion