Mistry Shiv


Shilp Niketan

The project is an institutional project that inhabits a travelling group of the caravan that perform various forms of arts. The design is developed through developing the structure first by spanning spaces between 14 modules of 60m3 in volume. The modules are made up of concrete and steel, which are exploited to create heaviness and lightness on different levels with each material respectively. This contrast in spaces qualities in the module gave spaces of different spatial characters. These spatial characters governed the spatial differentiation in terms of the activities of different performers.

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The first exercise that we worked on was deciphering a nature's object to understand the fundamentals of structure that exist within nature. My object for this exercise was Pufferfish.

The second exercise was material exploration where we had to design spaces with the materials brick concrete and steel. We had designed 4 different spaces using different rules for the nature of spatial elements. Next aspect was to further develop a space of 60m3 volume.

The 60 m3 space was later repeated to create different types of spaces through different iterations.

A space spanning 450m2 area was supposed to be designed using only 14 modules as part of the next exercise.

A function of a travelling caravan inhabiting the space was introduced which helped the spaces develop further.

By the mid sem the spaces were further evolved to incorporate the activities of various members of caravan.

After the mid sem, upon critical comments on both the module and the space, the module was reworked. The module being the governing factor in the design process gave new spatial iterations to explore.

The space was further developed with keeping the function of the space in mind.

Play of level was created in section to emphasis the contrast in nature of spaces created by the heaviness of concrete and lightness of steel in different spaces.

The space was detailed out in a general wall section wherein different types of partitioning systems were explored with respect to the nature of spaces. The site for this space was in Van Vihar Park, Bhopal by the edge of the Upper Lake. The site was on a steep topographic depression towards the lake. Which was exploited in the central space which acts as performance space with sitting on a story above to have downward viewing experience with the lake and fabric of trees acting as natural backdrop.

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