Faculty: Vinod Shah | Mangesh Belsare

TA: Pratik Bagul

Span and Space: Exploring tectonics in architecture

‘Tectonics’ in architecture is achieving the expressive qualities through construction and manoeuvring of forces in structure such that entity created can not be defined by only structure and construction. In achieving tectonics- selection, organisation and manipulation of form plays an important role in design process.

Architects need to equip themselves to exploit the potential of various materials and methods, for which conceptual understanding of structural systems and form is very essential. This studio will equip students to handle advances in material and technology to achieve meaningful forms in such a way that it can become a major design determinant.

The studio aims at imparting the basic knowledge of local and global forms with respect to structural actions. Studio will deal with association of space and tectonics by developing the understanding of material, form and structure in such a way that students can use this understanding in their design to integrate the structure and construction along with spatial qualities to achieve tectonic expression.

At the end of the studio, students will have ability to compose structure, construction and spatial expression to a level of ‘Tectonics’.

Studio Unit

Part to Whole

Clarity, Purity and Ambiguity in natural forms

Activities and organization

Form, Material and Articulation

Span to Space