Gazal Anil Nanwani


The practice is a complex process of discovery of oneself, it is about finding a home within yourself. A home that is born within the architect and finds a place in the world through the Architect’s ideology. Would the home be any different if the architect were a he, a she, or they? 
The practice is a premature endeavor to address the currently existing oblivion or ‘genderless’ vacuum of the architectural premise. Investigating the relations between spaces and sexes, between clients and designers, between workers and consumers, it construes to deconstruct myths and 'provide for'. We believe that Gender and Feminism, are social-spatial phenomena that inform the production of the social space. The practice becomes a mediation to discover feminist ways of thinking and processing design through THE LENS on one hand while on the other brings to light the issues of gender in Architecture itself through Quasipace (Research and Extracts from Women Authors). 

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The practice_Ideology and Themes

Gender and Visuality_Construction of Narrative

Project 1_The KeyHole House

Project Background and Discoveries

Project_2 Gender and Performativity

The Myths and Gendered Narratives

The Fitness Club _ Spatial Configuration

Self and the Community_Humanizations and Assertions of Identity

Project 3_ Buildings and Bodies

Project Background_and Process o Collaboration

Project Video