Faculty: Vishwanath Kashikar

TA: Ankita Dhal

The Practice

Design studios usually use the project as a lens to study various aspects of the context. The structure and constitution of architectural practice as the primary context of architecture, is usually sidelined in architectural education. Through a series of seminars, conversations, and multiple design exercises, this studio emphasizes the impact of architectural practice on design. Questions of vision and ideology of practice, design teams and design ownership, human resource management, standardization of design elements and processes shall be addressed in this studio. Three design exercises are proposed in this studio. The student is expected to propose a twelve week exercise based on their interest. A four week exercise will be introduced by the tutor. The third project will be a collaborative project between practices [students]. A series of visits to approximately ten design practices in the city is planned wherein students will be expected to conduct structured interviews. Students will be expected to present a seminar paper on architectural practice based on the readings done in the studio. The studio will culminate in a website of the practice consisting of a manifesto, sample projects, seminar paper and other aspects addressed in the studio.

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Studio Unit

the studio structure and the reading room

reflecting on past studios/work to identify patterns

designing individual practice ideologies

visits to practices and students' critique

individual student practice websites