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Tejan Milind Nalavade


THE PRACTICE - Economically Functional Building

Good architecture for us is something which is more functional and meaningful. Where ability of any system to do the work for which it was intended and its interaction with the user and surrounding is important. But Its not only about purpose and user of the building, where economical functionality of the building is also accountable.So for the initial investment and long-term economic interests in mind, we are focusing on the cost effective design considerations. Where our focus will be on design strategies which are cost saving, material pallet and construction techniques which are locally available on cheap rates, maximize usable floor space, improve thermal performance, simplify maintenance, and take other measures designed to reduce lifetime costs and boost operational efficiency. 

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Report Content

1. Ideology

2. SOP

3. Design matrix for Kolhapur region

4. Project 1- Wellness Retreat

5. Project 1- Wellness Retreat

6. Project 1- Wellness Retreat

7. Project 2 - Residence

8. Project 2 - Residence

9. Project 3 - Conflictorium

10. Project 3 - Conflictorium